Saturday, 16 May 2015

Floral and dainty

I have so many pretty papers that I thought the time has come to start using them.  Besides my love of Graphic 45 papers I do like Pion.  The Scott Roses was cut from the Vintage Garden paper by Pion.  Edges were then roughed up using the Tim Holtz paper distresser and distressed with Tattered Rose.  The background on the card itself was created with inks and stencils.

The quotation was also from the papers and again distressed at the edges and inked using one of the TH distress pads.  The flowers were die cut and given a spritz of colour as was the doily that I used to go under the topper.

So to start with, card was stenciled then doily glued into place along with the topper.  I tend to use pinflair glue just in case I am not happy with where I place items it gives me the opportunity of gently moving around.  After that had dried next stage was to glue the flowers and that was finished with a lovely heart shaped glass embellishment.

Months back I had purchased a lovely pearl embellishment and this seemed the right card to put it on.  I had bought a very pretty rose tape and by using a small floral die that I had, worked well in the bottom corner topped off with a rose resin embellishment.  Lastly finishing off with a butterfly.

Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope this card has given some inspiration to you.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Somewhere to put the knitting

Having recently got back into the swing of using a sewing machine I thought I would have another go at making something.  I had been browsing a local crafting shop and seeing knitting bags gave me the idea for a birthday present for a friend of mine.

The jelly roll material was 2.5in by 44in, so I sewed together nine strips. I used five strips matching either side of one main one down the middle.  From there using iron on web for half the length, folded it in half right side together and sewed down the edges, then turned it inside out.  The top edge was tucked inside and sewn, finishing off with lace all the way around, so the inside also has lace.  I thought that would give a good finish rather than just putting the lace on the outside,

From there I folded up enough to give a good depth for the bag part and the edges were then sewn together.  To give a good size part of the bag the top is not folded all the way down, as can be seen from the close up picture.

I had also purchased some material matching the jelly roll and using a Tim Holtz bigz floral die cut out some petals.  These were sewn together and finished off with a button and a small birdcage charm.

Thank you for looking, and hope this has given an idea to use up oddments of material or possibly purchasing jelly rolls.  I have since purchased some more jelly rolls and this time the make is Moda. So now need to come up with some other ideas.

Saturday, 7 March 2015


Can't believe how long it has been since I updated this blog.  Sadness of a family friend who has terminal cancer has meant I have wanted to spend time with him rather than crafting.  To take my mind of things I have resumed my crafting and this is a birdcage mdf from Debbie Moore that I had for a Christmas present.

Once opened then it was a case of out came the gesso and on to the different sections.  The back part I left alone as that was to have paper adhered to it instead of paint.  I also purchased a Papermania mdf bird that I wanted to put onto the front.

The sides I thought might look a bit too bare, so using one of the Tim Holtz stencils I added a small flourish left and right using a paste then allowed to dry.  At first I wasn't too sure of the colouring required so started off with Fresco chalk paint in Blush.  Afterwards I dabbed in areas the Fresco paint in Moonlight and added Tim Holtz paint Pewter.  Before they got too dry I used paper towels and wiped the colours around.

The flourishes at the sides were emphasised by using the Treasure Gold wax in Royal Amethyst, and that gave me an idea of adding some to the frame as well.  So out came two of my other colours, White Fire and Saphire and these I wiped around the edges and blended in with the TH Pewter.  At this stage I then decided to add the embellishments also using the Treasure Gold wax in places.  The filligree ones were purchased through Funkie Junkie as were the two floral ones used on the bottom left and right corner - Prima Junkyard Findings.   As the birdcage has sides behind the front making it a small box, rather than leaving it bare I added some flowers on the bottom and with the Graphic 45 Botanical Tea range I picked out two chipboard tags and glued either side.

Next came the gluing of the Graphic 45 Botanical Tea paper onto the mdf back board.  I decided to add some embellishments on to that as well, I glued some flowers on one side, and towards the bottom a resin bird.  The bird had the same three colours of Treasure Gold wax that had been used elsewhere on the front.

I think the most difficult part to all of this was assembling the sides and back to the front.  Out came a trusty small hammer and with a little jigging and poking I managed to get it assembled.

Lastly the mdf bird itself received a dollop of paint and finished off with some bling and pearl eye.  The feathers I purchased through Crystal Clear Crafts, they are Maribou Feathers.  If you have few moments then do check out this site as I found the lady who owns the site to be very helpful and her stock is not expensive.

The bird was the glued into position towards the top of the birdcage.

Thank you for looking  if you get the opportunity of seeing Debbie Moore's MDF range then why not take the plunge and make one for yourself.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Sewing Bag

Wow two months have gone by without posting but a lot has happened since then and now its time to get to grips with my crafting.

At the NEC in November I purchased two kits from Cross Patch Patterns one for me was the Beehive sewing bag and for my daughter a small pillow.  Well I have to say that I am certainly not impressed with their kits.  When I opened up mine I found that I needed a small piece of iron-on wadding yet it had a small piece of iron-on interfacing, so why it couldn't have the wadding who knows.  I have in fact purchased two kits from another company and everything that is required to complete the item is supplied. Plus the instructions did leave a lot to be desired and at £19 for the kit I was definately not impressed.  I see they do not have the kits on their online shop and to be honest at £6 for the pattern that has pictures and very limited instructions it is a dear item to purchase.  But I digress.

Looking at the kit there were ten long pieces of material that needed to be stitched together.  I had a look at doing this by hand but after some time and with my hands and fingers suffering I decided to get out my new sewing machine.  I sewed the ten pieces together then as per the instructions cut some iron-on wadding on half the length. Then folded in half and stitched down the sides and then turned inside out.

The top was then hand sewn down and I added the lace that was supplied and folded part way down to form a bag.  Then I needed to machine the sides
There was a piece of felt that looked somewhat out of place colourwise so I cut the necessary amount then covered it with a piece of material from the kit.  That can be seen at the top of the photo and I used blanket stitch around the edge.  This is for putting pins and needles on.  Next I needed to make the handle and lastly I cut four pieces of ribbon to go on the sides to tie the bag together.

I decided also not to use the beehive pattern that was drawn out on a piece of paper that I needed to trace onto the white material supplied.  I felt the drawing looked more like something a child would have drawn, so as I had a lovely piece of venise lace applique I sewed that on instead and finished the two side pieces with two pretty blue tri-bud venise lace appliques.  The lace and the flowers I purchased from Funkie Junkie.

Have to say it took me longer than anticipated but I think if I make another one then it should be made quicker.  Now I have a snowman wall hanging quilt kit to make, well I only have twelve months to make it.!!!!

Thank you for looking, and may I wish my readers a Happy New Year in two days time.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Flower seeds

I love gorgeous range of papers from Pion, this seed image was cut from a 12x12 paper that I had purchased from Dies to Die for website, click on this link to go direct to the page.  The edges were distressed using my paper distresser from the Tim Holtz range, and finished with distressing ink.

The paper behind was printed out from freebie papers that Astrid Maclean has on her blog click on the My Freebie tab and scroll down.  Again the edges were distressed before gluing into place.  I should say that I started with another piece of Pion paper onto my card before assembling the printed paper, then added a small piece of venise lace prior to gluing the image.  Lastly finishing off with a piece of ribbon and a lovely rose embellishment.

Thank you for looking and hope that this card has given some inspiration.