Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Knitting in two ply wool

Yes I did type two ply wool it isn't a mis-type.  So what on earth am I talking about, well over 35 years ago I came across a printed article now can't remember if it was a tv guide magazine or just a magazine.  Although looking at the tiny paper that I still have with the picture and instructions it could even have been a newspaper.

At the time I was expecting and the article mentions knit a shawl for an heirloom.  Instructions were using Patons 2ply wool, and yes it can still be purchased today, although back then it was sold in 25gm balls today it is sold in 50gm balls.  Amount was eleven balls (25gm) and size 9 needles.  Yep did state size 9, even though it is 2ply wool, but suspect that was down to the lacy effect of the pattern.  Now as I have no idea who designed the pattern I am not going to type it out, but just state is is made up of 9 rows of knit with one purl row at the end of the ninth row.  Three rows in the middle are yarn around needle and knitting two together.  That's it folks, nothing strenuous unless you take on board the 2ply wool, my fingers have certainly felt the ache with using this wool.  Okay I have owned up I purchased some wool and set to a few days ago to knit another one.  Why...... well I have no idea apart from thinking it might help my fingers keep their dexterity which is slowing going west due to arthritis kicking in.  Oh forgot to say there is edging which you can see and that is made up of increasing and decreasing stitches to give that effect, there is only 6 stitches and 12 rows.  Perhaps when someone sees the pics that I have taken, someone somewhere may be able to say who the author of the pattern is and if the pattern is still out there.

Any rate here are two pics of the original one that I made all those years ago.

now all I need to do is set to and continue on with the latest one, and measurements are around 44 x 44 inches.  Oh well perhaps this time next year I will have finished it.!!

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Graphic 45 Gilded Lily

Goodness two posts in one day, well a case of doing catch up along the way.  Sadly one card that I made for a young lady's 21 birthday got missed on the photographing front.  But at least I have remembered to take the other pics.

Graphic 45 have brought out a lovely range entitled Gilded Lily a take I suspect of the French aristocracy including the supposed quote of Marie Antoinette of 'Let them eat cake'.

Although to start with the card I made back in May is not from that range but an earlier one from Graphic 45.  This card was made using paper and a topper with a quote from Coco Chanel, the wooden wording is a name Lyse.  This I purchased through calico craft parts, if it sounds familiar it is as the lady who ran the calico craft website and had the dreadful fire, has set up a new site.  This time though she only appears to have wooden shapes rather than all the other items that she used to sell.

Not so long ago I purchased some marabou feathers and picked out for this card a lovely pink and paired it with a black one.

So now back to Gilded Lily, these three cards have been made using paper, toppers and embellishments from the range. 
All were finished off by using some of the marabou feathers.  I think the feathers give that added touch of that era.

If like me you like and enjoy the Graphic 45 range of papers etc, then head across to your nearest shop or online store and pick up this lovely collection.  I get my papers etc from countryview crafts as not only are they excellent value but very prompt at sending out their orders.

Seeds of Time

I still have my Pion 12x12 paper with seed packet images so thought I would set to an make a couple of cards a few months back.  Yep it was a few months ago, as in recent months I have had far too many upsets to cope with, hopefully with time I will move on.  So these two cards have been made with Pion paper and die cuts.

Extra embellishment came as courtesy from Linda at The Funkie Junkie Boutique where I have found so many lovely items over the past few years.  Linda is so kind as she adds a little gift when sending her orders, and I was able to use the butterflies that she had sent to me.

This card is very basic, again using the Pion paper and cutting around the image then finishing off with another butterfly and wooden embellishment.

On the subject of time, this card has been made using a wooden trellis clock face and a delightful background. 

Hope these three cards have given some inspiration to my readers.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Floral and dainty

I have so many pretty papers that I thought the time has come to start using them.  Besides my love of Graphic 45 papers I do like Pion.  The Scott Roses was cut from the Vintage Garden paper by Pion.  Edges were then roughed up using the Tim Holtz paper distresser and distressed with Tattered Rose.  The background on the card itself was created with inks and stencils.

The quotation was also from the papers and again distressed at the edges and inked using one of the TH distress pads.  The flowers were die cut and given a spritz of colour as was the doily that I used to go under the topper.

So to start with, card was stenciled then doily glued into place along with the topper.  I tend to use pinflair glue just in case I am not happy with where I place items it gives me the opportunity of gently moving around.  After that had dried next stage was to glue the flowers and that was finished with a lovely heart shaped glass embellishment.

Months back I had purchased a lovely pearl embellishment and this seemed the right card to put it on.  I had bought a very pretty rose tape and by using a small floral die that I had, worked well in the bottom corner topped off with a rose resin embellishment.  Lastly finishing off with a butterfly.

Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope this card has given some inspiration to you.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Somewhere to put the knitting

Having recently got back into the swing of using a sewing machine I thought I would have another go at making something.  I had been browsing a local crafting shop and seeing knitting bags gave me the idea for a birthday present for a friend of mine.

The jelly roll material was 2.5in by 44in, so I sewed together nine strips. I used five strips matching either side of one main one down the middle.  From there using iron on web for half the length, folded it in half right side together and sewed down the edges, then turned it inside out.  The top edge was tucked inside and sewn, finishing off with lace all the way around, so the inside also has lace.  I thought that would give a good finish rather than just putting the lace on the outside,

From there I folded up enough to give a good depth for the bag part and the edges were then sewn together.  To give a good size part of the bag the top is not folded all the way down, as can be seen from the close up picture.

I had also purchased some material matching the jelly roll and using a Tim Holtz bigz floral die cut out some petals.  These were sewn together and finished off with a button and a small birdcage charm.

Thank you for looking, and hope this has given an idea to use up oddments of material or possibly purchasing jelly rolls.  I have since purchased some more jelly rolls and this time the make is Moda. So now need to come up with some other ideas.